Bed Size Guide: What Size Is a Double Bed & More

Bed Size Guide: What Size Is a Double Bed & More

Do you ever get that “oh, sheet” feeling when you’re trying to figure out what size bed suits you and your sleeping habits? Single, double, twin, king, queen; all of these terms just sound like they were created to confuse you. If you’ve ever found yourself trying to understand the difference between a full-size bed and a double bed size, then this article is for you! 

Beds are the centrepiece of your sleeping space. That being said, we think it is important to point out and describe the differences in all of the choices of mattresses that you may come across. 

Chances are you will sleep on a variety of different beds throughout your lifetime. Even more importantly, you will probably end up buying a few different kinds of beds. Certain beds are more suited for tall people like the king-size bed, and others are better for those who like sleeping in the same bed as their partner but may have some of their old single-sleeper tendencies. 

Even though it is something so seemingly unimportant to your everyday life, it is actually the opposite. Mattress sizes can be the difference between a heavenly slumber or eight hours of cramped space and back aches. 

How Many Bed Sizes Are There? 

The world of mattress sizes doesn’t start and end with the double bed. When it comes to mattress sizes, there are a variety of different ones you can choose from for a variety of different reasons. 

For the sake of understanding, we’re going to break it down by size from smallest to largest. This particular section is going to define standard mattress sizes, but we will go into more detail about the mattress sizes that are offered within each general mattress size. 

Before we even saw anything close to a double bed or a twin XL mattress, our ancestors started by sleeping in caves, trees, or just on the hard ground. Thankfully, our sleeping necessities have evolved since the first known mattress was created about 77,000 years ago. The three-foot-by-six-foot “mattress” was just a bunch of grass, leaves, and sticks layered on top of one another. That doesn’t sound too comfortable, does it? 

As we said, times have changed and so have our sleeping habits. These days we have a multitude of choices when it comes to picking a mattress. Any mattress salesman will remind you about how we spend a third of our lives sleeping, so you better make sure you choose a good one! Throughout the majority of our childhood, most of us probably grew up resting our heads on a twin-sized mattress.

Twin and Twin XL-Size Mattresses 

The twin-sized mattress is a standard single-person mattress, perfect for any individual who doesn’t mind snug sleeping quarters. Now, this next size will take you back to your dorm or camping days: the twin XL. The extra-long twin-size mattress is what we all remember from our first year of uni. Remember being so stressed about what a twin XL even was? 

In simplest terms, it’s an adjustable bed that is simply a longer version of the twin mattress. The longer mattress was meant to be used as a standard in dorms because the majority of people could sleep comfortably in a twin XL. If you’re lucky, you only have to deal with a twin XL for a few years in your entire life (that is, until you move up to the next level in the mattress hierarchy). 

Double Mattress and Full-Size Mattress

This is where it can become a little bit confusing. If you have ever heard someone refer to a double mattress as a full, they are technically correct. A double mattress and a full-size mattress are the same exact thing. They are the same measurements, but just two different terms depending on the person(s) sleeping on it. Still feeling lost? Not to worry, we’ll explain more later. 

Other Sizes

The next size up after the full or double bed is the queen-size bed. The name is fitting, both literally and figuratively. Most queen-size mattresses will comfortably sleep at least two single adults, but they can also be fit for single adults as well. For our taller people out there, this mattress size is perfect for you!

What is a queen without a king? The next and second to last size mattress is the king-size bed, perfect for the centrepiece of master bedrooms. This is one of the largest mattresses you can get, but you just have to make sure that you have enough space for it in your bedroom. The California king bed is based on a king-size mattress. Although it is under the king-size bed umbrella, it is different in its own way. 

In case you need a simplified breakdown of a mattress size chart, the list from smallest to largest size mattress goes as followed: 

  1. Twin
  2. Twin XL 
  3. Full/Double
  4. Double XL Mattress
  5. Full XL Mattress
  6. Queen
  7. King 
  8. California King Size Mattress

What Are the Dimensions of Each Mattress? 

The world of mattress sizes can get confusing pretty quickly, but this standard bed size chart and its dimensions will hopefully clear up any confusion. The mattress dimensions to follow are a general guide to a majority of mattresses. Regardless of who or where you bought your mattress from, these mattress sizes should fit in the following: 

1. Twin-Size Mattress

The average twin-size mattress will typically be 38 inches wide and 75 inches long (38x75). Since it is comparatively smaller than other mattresses, the twin-size bed is perfect for small bedrooms or children’s rooms. In fact, did you know that bunk beds are just two twin-size mattresses? 

2. Twin XL-Size Mattress

The mattress measurements of a twin extra length mattress is extremely similar to that of the twin size. The twin XL is still 38 inches wide, but 80 inches long (38x80). Those extra five inches give a little bit more legroom to the single bed so that taller sleepers can do so peacefully. The slim bed frame gives the room some extra space while still being the right mattress. 

3. Full/Double-Size Mattress

As we said before, the full and double-size beds have the same exact measurements. They are both 54 inches wide and 74 inches long (54x74). Those measurements are the most popular because that is also the standard for mattresses. 

4. Queen-Size Mattress 

Next up is the queen size. It is approximately 60 inches wide and 80 inches long (60x80). Although this is a larger mattress, it is not the largest, but at the very least it can still sleep two fully-grown adults. 

5. King-Size Mattress 

The king has its name for a reason. That reason is its incredibly large size coming in at 76 inches wide and 80 inches long (76x80). If you come across a king-size memory foam mattress, just know that you are about to get a slumber truly made for a king. 

6. California King 

There’s a reason why Rihanna felt like she was “10,000 miles apart” from her lover when sleeping in a California king. These mattresses are 72 inches wide and 84 inches long (72x84). Don’t be fooled by the loss of four inches in width, your room size will have to be more than accommodating in order to fit one of these bad boys in it. 

Regardless of the mattress you choose, make sure it is the right one for you and your sleeping needs! When you’re getting a new mattress, it should be looked at as an investment. It’s something that will be used for a very long time and used quite frequently, that’s why it's so important to do the research and find the best mattress for you. 

Not only is finding the best mattress important but finding quality bedding without the hefty price tag is just as crucial. Our bedding collections are made from 100% natural long-staple cotton that ensures you get the best of both worlds: comfort and style. Whether you need our Super Sateen Core Bedding Set or you’re looking for a simple standard pillowcase like our Mulberry Silk Pillowcase that fits any and all pillows, we have got you covered! 

The 4 Kings of Oversized Mattresses

There was a reason King Louis XIV was known to have 413 beds. He was ahead of his time and knew just how luxurious beds could be. This may not be the exact reason why we refer to one of the largest bed sizes as king, but the principle remains the same. What you choose to lay down on each and every single night is a very important decision. You shouldn’t go for the most popular, but what fits your sleeping needs. 

If you are looking into king-size beds, chances are you enjoy your legroom when it comes to sleeping. King-size beds have that extra length and the extra width to make your sleeping routine feel like that of a king. We know that the standard size king is 76x80 inches and that the California king is similar in size, but did you know that there are other kinds of king-size mattresses? 

Other King-Size Mattresses

The Alaskan king is by far the largest of all of the king-size beds. This beast of a mattress is 108 inches wide and 108 inches long (108x108). Yes, you read that correctly. We know that one individual could easily starfish and enjoy a night of uninterrupted slumber, but this particular bed is made for more than one individual. 

You can easily fit an entire family of four comfortably without having to worry about that feeling of suffocation and/or claustrophobia. Not to mention, if you are a taller sleeper (let’s say 6’5” and above), you should really look into an Alaskan king bed. As a very tall sleeper, you won’t have to worry about needing additional legroom because you will have all of that and then some. 

There are lots of concerns when it comes to getting a new mattress this large, but don’t worry; one of the main concerns is trying to figure out where on earth you’re going to get bedding for a mattress this big, but look no further. At Ocoza, we are built on putting our customers first and focusing on your needs and wants. If you want an Alaskan king, but you’re worried about bedding, why not look into our Super King Classic Percale Fitted Sheet? It comes in a variety of different colours to match every mood and every season. 

If the Alaskan king bed seems a bit too daunting, then there is always the Wyoming king which is smaller in size but still considered an oversized mattress. The Wyoming king is 84 inches wide and 84 inches long (84x84). Similarly to the Alaskan king, they have the same dimensions for width and length, thus creating a square-shaped mattress. 

The King-Size Options Are Endless

The Alaskan and Wyoming king beds are two of the biggest king-size mattresses you can purchase, but Texas and California king beds are not too far behind. We already know the size of the California king is 72x84 inches, but we bet you didn’t know that it was the smallest of all of the oversized mattresses. The Texas king is actually bigger than the California King bed by eight inches in width and 14 inches in length. The Texas king comes in at 80 inches wide and 98 inches long (80x98). 

These mattresses are designed for our taller sleepers so that they can sleep comfortably without their feet hanging off the end of the bed. It also helps those customers who are in partnerships but still value their own sleeping space. It can even be used to accommodate several people so you can be like the grandparents in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but not have to worry about overcrowding one another. 

What Size Is a Double Bed?

The question on everyone’s mind: what in the world is the difference between a full bed and a double bed? Spoiler alert: there is none. Well, there is none when it comes to the measurement of those two-bed sizes. Whether you see the words double bed or full bed, they both mean that the mattress you see is 54 inches wide and 74 inches long (54x74). 

As we mentioned before, these dimensions are the standard for mattresses. That means that a majority of the population would sleep perfectly fine if they had to sleep on a double bed. Now, you may be thinking to yourself: if they have the same dimensions, why do they have two separate names for them? Well, a full bed just means that it is the perfect bed for an individual to relax and unwind before heading off to bed. A double bed is just another term for a full bed, but when used it indicates that two individuals can sleep comfortably on the bed as well. 

Seems confusing, we know, but it doesn't have to be. Whether you want to call it a full or a double bed, we have the bedding for you. Here at Ocoza, we make sure to have premium home products for less. That includes bedding! 

The Bottom Line

We know that finding the perfect mattress for yourself is not an easy task, but we’re here to help you through it all. Although there are some exceptions, there really are only about six different kinds of mattress sizes to choose from. 

Once you break that down, you can decide which size range you are looking to stay in based on the room size and other factors. Whether you’re designing your dream guest room, or just looking to finish your children’s rooms, you can use this bed size guide to find out what dimensions work in your favour. 


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